Joanna, The Vest Scarf Ever, is a collection of wonderful creation, as the name says all, you can wear it as a vest, a shawl or a scarf.  All pieces are so versatile, they are perfect for holidays, work and even for the most formal parties because they are just gorgeous.


The collection is growing with new prints being added seasonally, just choose the patterns you like and mix match them with your costumes to suit your lifestyle.


Size guide 

Joanna is one size and it generally covers size up to UK 20. However, as a result of huge demand, we have added a slightly large size for 5 selected items which are now available on the Online shop, the selected items are Felicia, Wind Blue, Dina, Butterfly and Cloe. Large size is for UK 18 to UK 22.


Washing Instructions

Hand washable, if you prefer machine wash please put it in a washing mesh bag or a sock because it is precious!


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